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Jyoti Interiors Pvt Ltd | Terms & Conditions

Updated on: 17th February, 2017

Acceptance of Terms

The services & products that Jyoti Interiors Pvt Ltd provides to you are subject to the following Terms of & Conditions (T&S). Jyoti Interiors Pvt Ltd reserves the right to update the T&S at any time without notice to you. The most current version of the T&S can be reviewed by clicking on the "Terms & Conditions" hypertext link located at the bottom of our Web pages.

Description of Services

Through its network in field of interior decoration & designing, Jyoti Interiors Pvt Ltd provides you with access to a variety of resources, including Home Interiors, Office Interiors, Store Interiors, Restaurant Interiors, Hotel Interiors and Interiors Products. The Services, including any updates, enhancements, new features, and/or the addition of any new offers, are subject to the T&S.

Intellectual Properties

We believe in making unique ourselves for that we have Trademark Certification of our brand JYOTI INTERIORS and its logo, the current status of trademark is “®”. The trademark is Registered of SUSHIL KUMAR SHARMA (Director at Jyoti Interiors Pvt Ltd) since 2011. We strictly do not allow the name & logo to use by anyone without approval from our end, use of these may lead us to take necessary legal steps.

Work Criteria

Jyoti Interiors Pvt Ltd allows their client to get work either in Works Contract or Product Purchase basis. Works Contract applies on Full/Partial Interior Decoration, Repair Work etc. and Product Purchase applies on 3D/2D Design, Furniture & other retail product etc.

Payment Terms (Works Contract)

Client shall pay their payments of estimation value in following term:
- 35% amount at the time of signing contract paper to start work
- 25% amount on completion of 50% work (by value of all)
- 25% amount on completion of 75% work (by value of all)
- 15% rest amount to be paid within 15days of completion.

Payment Terms (Product Purchase)

Client shall pay 100% estimated payment to place the order to get delivery of products.

Credit Facility

We value your continuous relationship with us, for this we provide credit facility upto 30days of 50% estimated value for Corporate Clients.

Refund Policy

Client shall be entitled to get refund for following conditions:
- 100% refund if, order cancelled within the stage of its start.
- 100% refund if, order cancelled for unavailability of stocks.